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60 Oriskany Blvd, Whitesboro, NY

Ancient Kids Club

We are calling on all CNY parents to partner with us here at Ancient Shakes of Whitesboro to cultivate the healthiest kids in the country right here in our area.

We encourage parents to help build each of thier child's drinks as they see fit. From our kid friendly menu please choose the following:

  • Full serving of healthy dairy-based protein
  • 1/2 serving of protein and/or lite greek yogurt - free of charge
  • No added protein but w/ lite greek yogurt and/or organic honey
Ancient Kids Club Card

Every child (2-12 years old) will receive an "Ancient Kids" Club Card with their first purchase. Upon each visit, when your child comes by for their drink, we will punch out a minotaur in the maze as he and his army guard the chest. When all 10 minotaurs are "punched out," each child receives a key to the actual treasure chest in the lobby. They now may pick a prize as a reward for a job well done. Of course, you are always welcome to begin a new card to make another "Quest for the chest!"

Ancient Kids Menu

Tax Included
8oz - $3.00 | 12oz - $4.00 | 16oz - $4.50

We gladly substitute lite greek yogurt in place of protein powder in all drinks upon request.

Julius Caesar Jr.
The classic Caesar with your choice of chocolate or vanilla, peanut butter and banana.

Channing Caesar Jr.
The popular Channing Caesar with a vanilla and chocolate mix, peanut butter, banana and graham crackers.

Aristotle Jr.
The classic Aristotle with vanilla, graham crackers, bananas and strawberries.

Elysium Jr.
The essential Elysium with vanilla, a classic mixed fruit medley and organic honey.